Consultation on cycling scheme for Waltham Cross

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Added by Clare Rogers

Email from Highways England copied and pasted below:

Dear consultee,

I’m contacting you on behalf of the consultancy Atkins who are working with Highways England to investigate new cycle facilities in and around Waltham Cross. The routes are likely to comprise a range of facilities including segregated cycle tracks next to main roads, signed routes on quieter residential streets and, where necessary, some ‘traffic-free’ sections shared with pedestrians. Proposals are being considered to connect the town centre with other public rights of way and key sites including the following:

  • Waltham Cross Train Station
  • Theobalds Grove Train Station
  • the proposed Park Plaza development sites
  • the Cycle Enfield network

 The purpose of this consultation exercise is to gather the views of relevant local organisations on walking, cycling and horse-riding in the area around the scheme. We would like to hear any views you have on current conditions for walking, cycling and horse-riding in the local area affected by the proposals (shown in the attached local area map).

 This scheme is being investigated as part of Highways England’s ‘Designated Funds’ programme. The objectives of the programme include to:

  • maximise opportunities to deliver additional improvements as part of new road schemes
  • improve cycling facilities on, or near, the Highways England road network
  • reduce the impact of Highways England roads as a barrier to cycling

 Improvements in and around Waltham Cross have been chosen to act as strategic connections between key facilities such as transport interchanges and employment centres as well as existing public rights of way. These proposals are additional and independent to the Highways England M25 junction 25 Improvement Scheme. Whilst the proposals at M25 junction 25 are not part of this consultation, more information can be found on the Highways England website:

 If you have any questions on the proposed Waltham Cross cycle route improvement scheme or any related issues, please ask. Otherwise, please could you reply to us with any views by Friday 3rd May.


May 3rd, 2019


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