Proposed A10/Lincoln Road Walking and Cycling Improvements

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From the consultation hub, verbatim:

These proposals are part of a wider TfL programme to encourage people to choose to cycle or walk in Enfield, which is being implemented by Enfield Council in partnership with us. We would like to hear your views on the proposals.

What are we proposing?

We propose to upgrade the existing staggered pedestrian crossing on the northern arm of the junction between Lincoln Road and the A10. The crossing would be made wider and would become a toucan crossing, enabling cyclists to use it as well. The existing zebra crossing on the western arm of Lincoln Road would become a parallel cycle/zebra crossing.

Some areas of footway would be widened to enable people to access to both crossings more easily. The changes to the footway would mean that the entrance to the residential access road which joins Lincoln Road at the junction with the A10 would become narrower, and exiting vehicles would be asked to give way to any vehicles wishing to enter.

See the website link for details including drawings and to submit comments.

Enfield Cycling Campaign intends to submit a considered response after discussion.


April 19th, 2019


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